Donate your birthday!

M. Ghandi once said, “You should be the change you want to see in the world”.
Start making a change on your birthday!


A child in need will benefit from your kindness.


It’s easy; instead of receiving presents yourself, you get donations for the children in need.


Each birthday campaign lasts for 30 days.


Create a campaign on Facebook and invite your friends to donate.

Hi there! So your birthday is coming! Are you excited? Are you planning a big party? A small party? Or no party at all? No matter the mood you’re in, this year you can choose to do something different and extraordinary. You can do something that will fill your heart with joy!

This year, instead of receiving the presents yourself, you can choose to send your gifts to those that need help the most.

Create your anniversary event and invite your friends to donate for you. A child will benefit of your kindness.

Celebrate & Donate is a World Vision project that aims to offer a better future for poor children. We work with the most vulnerable communities where, amidst the poverty, children dream of better future.

Help us put smiles on their faces and help them make first steps towards reaching their full potential.

Find out more about our work here

Donate your birthday

The reason why

BiH is one of the poorest countries in Europe. There are 178,000 children living in poverty. More than 60% of the population live in rural areas. And rural poverty is as twice as common as poverty in urban areas. Every third child does not have adequate and regular nutrition, nor do they enjoy satisfying housing, while every fourth child lacks the necessary conditions for education (including warm clothes and footwear). These three dimensions, nutrition, housing, and education, are the most important conditions for a healthy and happy childhood.

According to official data, out of the total number of poor children, 50,000 of them live in extreme poverty. However, based on the experience of life in BiH, it is assumed that this number is bigger. This means that these children live in chronic poverty with multiple consequences and complex needs. Parents in poor families often can’t afford the minimum acceptable nutrition to meet their child’s daily needs. Having on mind the above-mentioned data, it can be concluded that every night 1 of 3 poor children in BiH goes to bed hungry.

Universal primary education is prescribed by law in BiH. However, the percentage of children who aren’t enrolled in primary school is disconcerting. From the other side, almost 32% the children who finish primary education do not continue with the enrollment in secondary school, which is far above the EU average of 11%.The reason for this is poverty. Due to impoverishment, children often face obstacles at school and choose to leave, thereby reducing their chance for a happier, brighter future.

There are 786.461 children living in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Compared to the general population, children are more exposed to, and affected by, poverty. The data suggest the hardships children in BiH face: Every other child is exposed to physical violence. 2% of children are neglected, which implies parental failure to meet a child's basic needs, including the failure to provide adequate health care, supervision, clothing, nutrition, and housing. 88% of children don’t get pre-school education. 2.4% of children do not complete elementary school, and 32% of children do not complete secondary school.


List of gifts

Select a gift you would give to your friend from the shelves below, but instead help a child. Now that you have chosen the perfect gift, just enjoy your friend’s birthday party!


A lack of adequate clothing and footwear keeps children from going to school during the winter.

For many children from rural areas, the winter season means frozen hands, wet feet, and a red, aching nose.

This gift contains a hat, a scarf, gloves, boots, or a winter coat, in accordance with the child’s needs.

30.7 EUR


Help a desperate mother feed her children. Helping families and providing food for vulnerable children helps them grow, stay healthy, and concentrate during school.This gift gives a family staples like flour, cooking oil, sugar, rice, pasta, beans, biscuits, and canned goods for one month.

20.5 EUR


The simple gift of a blanket can provide the much needed comfort and warmth a child craves, especially during the cold winter nights.

15.4 EUR


Many children can’t afford basic school materials. Aside from being embarrassing and giving their school friends insight into their hardships, not having school supplies dirrectly affects the ability of these children to learn.

This gift will provide pens, pencils, rulers, notebooks, colouring pencils, water colours or backpack all in accordance with the child’s preferences and the grade they’re in.

12.8 EUR


Make a child happy and buy their favourite toy. The present will be either a doll, a toy car, a ball, a colouring book, or a canvas and oil paints, according to the child’s wishes.

7.7 EUR


Simple things like toothbrushes and toothpaste are luxurious items for many children living in the poorest parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

10.3 EUR

Donate your birthday

Dragi moji, ako neko želi da mi kupi poklončić za rođendan, zamoliću ga da to učini tako što će darovati jednu igračkicu dijetetu kome će to biti velika radost. Hvala najljepša :) Dear friends if anyone is planning to buy me a small present for my birthday, please do so by buying a toy that will make some kid happy. Thanks a lot :)

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