Donate & Celebrate

Kupite poklon iz našeg Kataloga poklona i pomozite u obezbjeđivanju nekih od najvažnijih uslova za zdravo i sretno djetinjstvo


Buy a gift from our Gift Catalog and donate much-needed basic necessities to a child or a family.

WV BiH’s Gift Catalog offers six essential gifts, such as clothing, food, hygiene kits and school supplies.  Each and every gift in the Catalog was specially requested from the most vulnerable communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is meant to make a positive change in the lives of children.

You may purchase a gift in the name of a friend or a relative. On their behalf, the selected item will be donated to a child or a family, who needs your support. Your loved ones will receive “Thank You” card from the gifted child, honoring this good deed.

Give a gift. Make a change!


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