Choose a meaningful gift

Choose a gift from our Gift Catalog and donate much-needed basic necessities to a child or a family.

Fight disease:
A hygiene gift

10.3 EUR

Simple things like toothbrushes and toothpaste are luxurious items for many children living in the poorest parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Fight boredom:
A toy/toys

7.7 EUR

Make a child happy and buy their favourite toy. The present will be either a doll, a toy car, a ball, a colouring book, or a canvas and oil paints, according to the child’s wishes.

Fight ignorance:
School supplies

12.8 EUR

Many children can’t afford basic school materials. Aside from being embarrassing and giving their school friends insight into their hardships, not having school supplies dirrectly affects the ability of these children to learn. This gift will provide pens, pencils, rulers, notebooks, colouring pencils, water colours or backpack all in accordance with the child’s preferences and the grade they’re in.

Beat the hunger:
A family food package

15.4 EUR

Help a desperate mother feed her children. Helping families and providing food for vulnerable children helps them grow, stay healthy, and concentrate during school. This gift gives a family staples like flour, cooking oil, sugar, rice, pasta, beans, biscuits, and canned goods for one month.

Fight the cold:
Winter clothing for children

20.5 EUR

A lack of adequate clothing and footwear keeps children from going to school during the winter. For many children from rural areas, the winter season means frozen hands, wet feet, and a red, aching nose. This gift contains a hat, a scarf, gloves, boots, or a winter coat, in accordance with the child’s needs.